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Ridge Shingles
The construction of your roof should be considered carefully and handled by professionals. The roof of a home is the most important aspect of your structure as it protects your family and helps maintain all the other components of a house. While many people attempt the "do it yourself” way, experts such as those at Copper Works Canada understand all necessary elements of roof construction, including eavestroughs and ridge shingles. Copper Works Canada has been providing top roofing services and solutions for homeowners in Toronto and the GTA for years. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will come and inspect the current condition of your roof and make suggestions in terms of necessary repairs and possible upgrades. We supply effective ridge shingles to protect your roof and entire structure.
The Benefits of Ridge Shingles
Ridge shingles are a necessary component of a roof. They are the pieces that cover the sloping shingles where the two sides of your roof meet at the peak. They allow for roof ventilation in order to keep decay and rot from developing. In addition, these ridge caps and ridge shingles will help keep rodents and other pests from making homes in your roof.
There are several different types of ridge shingling that increase ventilation to a home. First of all, there is a ridge vent made out of a coarse and spongy strip of material that rests just under the final layer of the roof shingles that rest along the ridge of the peak of the roof. The nature of this material allows for increased airflow and circulation.
Sheathing boards are installed in order to allow for air to leave the ridge vents. The air that flows out of the ridge vent is circulated amongst the hollow spaces between the roof and its rafters. Soffits are an important part of this ventilation system. A soffit is the vertical piece that covers the underside of the roof that extends past the building. This covering will also prevent decay and rot from attacking your roof, as well as stop potential animals from entering your home. In addition, homes are further protected from mould when the roof has a proper ventilation system.
Ridging shingles can also be viewed as the final touch upon your entire house. The ends of the roof are covered and no longer exposed, completing the look of your entire home.
Copper Works Canada offers ridge shingling and complete roofing services. We can complete any outdoor roofing project with our top eavestrough and guttering services. Our company can improve your outdoor drainage system by installing strong durable gutters that complement your roof. Call Copper Works Canada today at 905-831-6434 for all of your roofing needs.

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